About Us

about us

3as4u Bounce House

The name 3As4U is a unique name that took our time to think of. It was an idea came from the name of our 3 boys that are all started with letter “A“. We now got 3A, but it seem so simple. We want something different. Our business is offering to everyone so we think to add “for you“.

While brainstorming, both of us decided to make a connection of every letters. And then the word “for you” became “4U“.

Then we got 3A’s4U.

and so on we finalized the name as 3As4U

We are a small local business from Lexington, South Carolina owned by a stay at home dad and a working Nurse Mom.

It all started one sunny afternoon when my kids wants to have fun in our little backyard. We would like to have fun while we enjoy the time spent in our house.

We purchase one bounce house for kids. While thinking of a business that we can call our own. We just decided to offer the bounce house for rent.

Everything turns out good then we purchased another small bounce house with slide.

God bless our business and it grow that we add more inflatable bounce house.

Now we are operating multiple bounce houses by God’s grace.

Our mission is to spread laughter and fun!

We know that partying can cost you an arm and leg but 3As4u offers reasonable prices with the best services! Try us now and book with us for your party! We build relationships, not just transactions.